Lviv is one of the most beautiful Ukrainian cities. Sometimes it is called “the western capital of Ukraine”. In the past, Lviv was the center of Kievan-Halytska Rus and then the Halychyna region.

Lviv’s historical buildings and relics date from the 13th century. The city’s architecture presents the best European styles of various periods. While walking along the streets of Lviv, one can see the Baroque, Renaissance, and classical architecture, as also the Vienna Secession, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco.

The buildings are decorated with stone sculptures and carvings, particularly on large doors several hundred years old. The silhouettes of old churches form the central cityscape. Some 3- and 5-story buildings have hidden inner courtyards in various states of repair. Many of Lviv’s architectural gems can be seen in Yuriy Khymych‘s paintings. The artist was very fond of Lviv`s nature and liked presenting it in different styles and techniques.

Like anything “western”, Lviv is particularly hated by the Kremlin regime. The city has been exposed to missile attacks.